2 Simple Ways to Test Your Toilet

Of all the luxuries of the modern world, indoor plumbing may be one of the greatest. Not only is it convenient and comfortable, but it’s also considerably more sanitary than the washroom options of yesteryear. A toilet in the next room is great, as long as it’s working properly! If it mysteriously starts to run off and on for hours on end, it can not only waste hundreds of gallons of water, but it can also be really annoying! In this post, we’ll look at some ways to test your toilet and share some tips for fixing it if there’s a problem.


If you hear the sound of running water coming from your toilet, it’s possible that you have a leak. Remove the lid from the back of the toilet and drop about 10 drops of food coloring into the tank. Don’t flush it just yet. Wait about 15 minutes, then check the bowl. If there’s any color in the bowl, you’ve got a leak!


Fixing the leak can be easy, but if you have any doubts, call your friendly professionals at City Plumbing! Once you are familiar with the working part in your toilet tank, you may be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Broken or worn flapper
  • Broken fill-valve
  • Flapper chain is trapped
  • Water level too high

Unless you have just flushed the toilet, the flapper should be securely at the bottom of the tank. This is essentially what’s allowing water to get from the tank to the bowl. The reason could be any of the bullet points listed above. These parts can be easily replaced.

If multiple parts in your toilet are in need of replacement, you may want to replace the whole thing! Not only are future problems likely, but you’re losing water with every flush!


At City Plumbing, diagnosing and fixing common plumbing issues is what we do best. To get a diagnosis, make an appointment by calling 432-366-2401. Give us a call, and we’ll come running!

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