leaky pipes in a home

What to Do About Leaky Pipes

Plumbing is a unique part of your home maintenance schedule. Why? Because oftentimes the root of the problem is behind a wall or underground where you can’t even see it. This is especially true when it comes to leaky pipes. In this post, we’ll explore a few simple ways you can look for leaky pipes and prevent a disaster before it happens.


If you see signs of a water leak, don’t ignore it! What starts as a drip can lead to pipes that need replacing, damaged drywall, or other structural issues with your home. These can all cost a lot more to repair than a simple leak. If you see something, say something!


DIY drain cleaners often contain harsh chemicals. While that’s great at fighting clogs, it can also do a number on your pipes. The toxins can break down the inside of the pipe with every use, eventually leading to weaker pipes and the potential for leaks. So go easy on the chemicals and give us a call if you think something’s up.


There are many plumbing problems that an experienced homeowner can fix on their own. Locating and repairing a leak shouldn’t be one of them. Breaking through walls or floors is not recommended unless you’re an expert – and can cost you big time in the long run.


As with anything, pipes will break down over time. They don’t last forever. As mentioned at the top of this post, we often don’t know when and where this happens, because we can’t see it. That’s why having a professional inspect those leaky pipes could be worth it.


While we’re on the topic of leaks, we get a lot of calls about slab leaks. This happens when a pipe underneath your home springs a leak causing your entire foundation to move. This can cause costly damage throughout your home and is something you should call us about at the first sign of trouble.


If any of these issues ring true for you – give us a ring! City Plumbing has experts to solve all your plumbing problems. Call us at 432-366-2401. Give us a call, and we’ll come running!