Cooler weather has finally made its way to the Permian Basin! When you come in from those chilly temperatures, you want to wash up in hot, steamy water – and plenty of it! Not only should it warm up quickly, but it needs to stay hot, shower after shower.

A long delay before the hot water hits your hand means the water has been sitting in your pipes getting cold since the last shower. That cold water needs to flush out before you feel the heat. Or maybe your shower heats up right away, only to become lukewarm, or even downright cold after a few minutes. In this post, we’ll talk about a tankless water heater solution, just in time for the colder winter months!


One key to starting your shower off right is recirculation.  All that water that’s left behind in your pipes can actually be reheated. That way, the water is warm the instant you turn it on. A Noritz tankless water heater accomplishes this via a closed-loop, pump-assisted recirculation system.

Water from the pipes is pumped back through the heater. To maintain efficiency it only operates when standing water is detected. Some systems even allow you to set a timer so the pump activates when you know you’ll need hot water (like in the morning before you shower).


Recirculation pumps operate on what’s called a dedicated loop. This is an add-on to your pipe system that adds warm water to an individual faucet by bypassing water in the pipe that has already cooled. This can be used in conjunction with the more traditional recirculation methods listed above.


Traditional home water tanks take up a lot of space and use up a lot of energy. They need a whole closet in your garage, and are constantly working to heat the water – which costs you big time! A tankless water heater heats the water at the point of entry, so it’s only on when you’re using it. Not only that, it constantly provides hot water for as long as you need it!


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