Thankfully, severe thunderstorms aren’t the norm in Midland and Odessa. But when a nasty storm does blow into town, it can get dangerous quickly. Damaging wind, hail, or floodwaters can lead to a variety of inconveniences, but one of the most frequent is a loss of power. A loss of electricity, even for just a few seconds, can cause a power surge that could fry your appliances! In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways you can protect yourself and your home from critical power surge issues!


Unplugging devices or appliances when they aren’t in use is a great way to save money on your electric bill. But it’s also a great way to protect your appliances in the event of a power surge. A power surge could fry appliances that are left plugged in. If a storm is brewing, unplugging many of your valuable appliances – including electronics – could be a good idea.


Even if you do pull the plug on your electronics, a surge protector can still be valuable. In the event of a power surge, a surge protector is designed to redirect that extra electricity so that it doesn’t cause any damage. Here are a few quick tips on how to use a power strip-style surge protector:

  1. Only use one surge protector per outlet.
  2. Keep in mind that even with a surge protector, you shouldn’t use the same outlet for multiple high-voltage electronics.
  3. Keep the surge protector away from water.
  4. Check to make sure the surge protector doesn’t overheat.


Another option that can help you protect your entire home with one device is a whole-house surge protector. They operate the same as a power-strip surge protector but will reroute the power surge before it even gets to your home. Even small power surges can be hard on your electronics, so preventing that energy surge at the beginning is the safest way to protect your stuff. Another advantage to a whole-house system is that it can protect your belongings from a high blast of electricity – for example, from a bolt of lightning. Common surge protectors are no match for the voltage they’ll encounter in the event of a lightning strike.


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