Most homes these days come with modern conveniences that we take for granted such as an outlet. But even the most state-of-the-art designs can be lacking. With so many devices required to run our lives in the technology age, they all need a place to be recharged! If you don’t have the right number of outlets, this could cause an issue in your electrical system. In this post, we’ll discuss a few dangers and explain how a licensed electrician can help.


When too many things are plugged into the same outlet, there’s a risk of overloading the outlet. This leads to excess energy running through one outlet, which will cause it to overheat – even becoming hot to the touch. Too much heat can eventually lead to a fire – and statistics show outlet fires do happen. At least 5,000 house fires every year are started by an overloaded outlet. These days, newer homes have circuit breakers that will blow a fuse if it senses the temperature getting too warm.

Major appliances should have their own outlet. These include a lot of your kitchen appliances like the fridge, oven, and dishwasher, as well as your washer and dryer. These appliances use so much energy by themselves that they shouldn’t be paired with other devices using a power strip.

You may not realize it, but your big screen TV uses up a lot of power as well (this is why it’s a bad idea to leave it on for background noise unless you’re really watching it). The same rule applies for large TVs as with other major appliances – plug them into a dedicated outlet.

For all outlets, be wary of how many plugs and how much power is running through an individual outlet or power strip.

For lighting, don’t forget that LEDs or CFLs use less energy which reduces power (and heat) This also means savings on your electric bill!

Overloaded outlets can also lead to a glut of cords, oftentimes exposed, in the areas around your outlets. This can lead to chipping and flaking of the cords, which can increase the risk of a fire.


Having to hunt for a place to plug something in is never fun. You may even strain yourself trying to reach an outlet behind a bed or sofa. That’s why increasing the number of outlets around your home will increase convenience and make for a higher quality of life. And because it means avoiding overloading individual outlets, it’s a safer option as well


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