Imagine walking into a fancy restaurant or a cool lounge. You can see just fine, despite not being blasted by bright lights. Imagine if you had the option of that same ambiance that can easily be created through the use of dimmer switches in your home. In this post, we’ll discuss a few advantages of this under-utilized technology, and offer some tips on the best places to use them within your home.


Before we get into details about the ambiance, let’s talk about a practical advantage: energy savings. Blasting a bright light naturally uses a lot of energy. When you turn down the lights, you’re turning down the power as well. That can lead to some major savings over time.

Now for the fun stuff. Who doesn’t love the ambiance created by dim lighting? This “mood lighting” can be created by purchasing specialty lamps or light bars – but a dimmer switch can have the same effect for a lower cost. It also means you won’t have to change out bulbs or lamps.

Speaking of light bulbs, they’ll last longer with a dimmer switch. This is similar to the reason you’ll save on energy costs. Pumping bulbs full of energy will cause them to burn out more quickly. The dimmer switch gives you the power to control the energy and lifespan of your light bulbs!


At the end of the day, you can install a dimmer switch in any area of your home that suits you. Some people even opt for a dimmer in every room in the house. Below, we’ll break down a few strategic locations, and how dimmers work with the function of each space.

How’s this for starters: the bathroom. You may not think of it as a place for romantic lighting but think about dimmers from a practical standpoint. You stagger in there in the middle of the night – wouldn’t it be nice to have the option for soft, low light, instead of the full-blown bulbs? You could also leave the light on a low level during the night to help you find your way in the dark. If you’re the type who uses candles for a relaxing bath – a dimmer switch can create the same effect without the setup, or the hazard of an open flame.

Dimmer switches in the kitchen have a similar purpose as the bathroom. During the day, you’ll want full lights to see what you’re doing, but the option of a softer light for that midnight snack is appealing.

The bedroom is a place to relax and sleep! Studies even show a dimly lit room will help lower your heart rate and lead to better sleep. Get in the mood with a dimmer switch!

You can’t talk about dimmers without talking about your main living spaces like a living room or den. Like the bedroom, you’re looking to set the mood, or maybe give that movie theater feel when it’s time to cozy up for your favorite flick

The last place we recommend a dimmer switch is the porch. Bright lights outside are great to keep burglars away, but that uses up a ton of energy (and may disrupt the sleep of you or a neighbor). A dimmer switch lets you adjust the power as needed for optimum security and efficiency.


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