When a lightning storm rolls through, and your lights go out due to a circuit breaker tripping, do you know what to do? In this post, we’ll walk through exactly what you need to do to find your circuit breakers and get the power back on.


Dealing with circuit breaker issues in the dark can be difficult, but it’s doable for most homeowners as long as they take certain safety precautions:

  • Don’t touch exposed wires.
  • Don’t try to dismantle the circuit breaker.
  • Stay away from the breaker if there’s any water nearby, even if it’s just damp.


  1. Turn off lights and appliances: Anything with an on/off switch affected by the breaker trip should be turned off and/or unplugged. This includes lights and appliances, and also anything electronic that’s plugged into the wall. This will protect them from a power surge while you’re working to fix the breaker. A power surge could lead to a blown fuse which could ruin an appliance.
  2. Locate the breaker box: Your circuit breaker box is usually that flat gray metal box found in a utility room, garage, or basement. It’s also possible it could be inside a cabinet. Older homes may be equipped with fuse boxes, which operate similarly. Inside the door of the breaker box, you’ll see the power switches that control electricity throughout your home.
  3. See which breakers are OFF: It should be fairly easy to tell if any breakers are in the OFF position. They will either be flipped the opposite of the ON levers, or you’ll be able to see a red or orange color on the switch.
  4. Turn the breakers ON: Once you’ve located the breakers that are OFF, simply switch them to the ON position. You should hear a click once they are in place. This should restore power to the affected areas.
  5. Turn lights and appliances back on: Now that power has been restored, it’s safe to turn on/plug in the lights and appliances that you turned off earlier to make sure everything’s working properly.


If your breakers are regularly tripping, you may be dealing with a bigger problem that requires an electrician. Tripped circuit breakers could be the result of an overloaded circuit, short circuit, or a ground fault.


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