Filter Replacement in Odessa, TX

Your air conditioner needs a clean filter to run properly. Call us at 432-366-2401 for AC filter replacement services in Ector County.

How often do you change the filter in your air conditioner? Leaving a dirty, clogged air filter in your unit can prevent your AC system from working properly. It can make it harder to cool your house to the ideal temperature, causing your utility bills to rise. To avoid this, call City Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule filter replacement services in Odessa, TX.

If your house is hot even with the AC running, or if you notice a musty odor, contact us to learn about our evaporator coil services.

Risks of Failing To Replace Your Filters

Changing your air filter might seem like a simple task with few consequences if you forget to do it, but it can actually lead to a lot of risks for your air conditioner and your household, including:

  • Lower indoor air quality in your property. Filters remove allergens and debris, and if these are full they cannot effectively remove the contaminants from the air.
  • Inadequate airflow. If the filters are clogged they may not allow air to move as expected.
  • Risk of breakdowns. The system may overwork if the filters are clogged, causing more wear and tear than is needed.
  • Higher repair costs. If your unit is working harder than it needs to, it can result in more frequent repairs.
  • Inefficient unit. If the system is overworked, it can use more energy to keep your home at the ideal temperature, resulting in higher utility bills.