Drain Cleaning

The expert plumbers at City Plumbing can have your drains flowing properly in no time! Sometimes, homemade unclogging solutions simply aren’t enough and may even make the blockage work. When you let City Plumbing’s experienced professionals clear the debris and blockage, you save time, money, and peace of mind.

Routine checks of your drains by the professional, licensed plumbers at City Plumbing will help reduce or eliminate problems with your drainage system.

What Our Customers Say

“Thank you for dispatching the crew to our home. They were both professional, respectful and got the problems corrected in a very short period of time. I will recommend your company frequently and plan to have someone in your organization replace the sewer line when schedules allow. Have a great day. Kudos to all involved.”
Cynthia R.

“Called for same day plumbing and showed up very fast. I will definitely call them again!”
Lesther P.

What We Service

If you notice the drain in your kitchen or bathroom is draining too slowly or making gurgling noises, you may have debris buildup blocking the pipe. City Plumbing provides drain cleaning services to remove the blockage and prevent future plumbing problems. Having your drains regularly inspected by our professional plumbers saves you money and effort down the road. We service the following types of drains:


Bathroom Sink Drains


Bathtub/Shower Drains


Toilet Drains


Sewer Drains


Floor Drains


Kitchen Sink Drains

If you have a clogged or blocked drain, or simply want an inspection or checkup, contact City Plumbing today. Give us a call and we’ll come running.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my sink draining slowly?

A slow draining sink is typically caused by hair, soap scum, grease, or other debris that has collected in your drain. It’s the perfect time to call City Plumbing before the buildup seals off your drain completely and causes more problems. Give us a call and we’ll come running!

Why does my drain keep backing up?

If your drain frequently clogs, it might be a sign of structural damage to your pipes that will require repair or replacement. Over time, pipes can crack, break, or sag, causing debris to get caught and create backup instead of flushing out. If you have a drain that won’t stop backing up, give us a call today.

Why does my drain smell bad?

A drain that smells like sewage, food, or plain grossness, is likely becoming clogged with debris. The bad smell can also be a sign of bacteria buildup. Either way, you can trust City Plumbing’s licensed drain cleaning experts to take care of the issue.