How Long Will My Plumbing Last?

Nothing lasts forever. Everything has a lifespan. It’s a reality that the earth is always aging. At some point, everything needs to be replaced…including your plumbing fixtures. But how long should they last? In this post, we’ll take a closer look, and even offer some tips to help your plumbing last longer!


Here’s a list of how long many general plumbing components should last:

Waste Pipes: PVC pipes should last 50-80 years, Cast-Iron 50-60 years, clay 50-60 years

Kitchen sink: Acrylic sinks 50 years, enameled steel 5-10 years, soapstone 100+ years

Bathtubs: cast-iron 100 years, fiberglass 20 years

Faucets: 15-20 years

Gas lines: black steel 75 years, flex 30 years

Instant water heater: 10 years

Water lines: plastic 75 years, copper 50 years, plastic 50 years

Sewer grinder pump: 10 years

Shower doors: 20 years

Showerhead: Can last 100 years or more if cleaned regularly

Sump pump: 7 years

Toilet tank components: 5 years

Vent fan: 5-10 years

Vessel sink: stone, glass, porcelain, copper 5-20+

Hot water heater tank: 6-12 years

Water softener: 20 years

Well pump: 15-20 years

Whirlpool tub: 20-50 years


Like with anything, there’s a degree of variability depending on the quality of your products. Dirt, rust, minerals, and hard water can shorten the lifespan of pipes and fixtures. This can especially impact water heaters and showerheads. The finish can also have a significant impact, and may require harsh cleaners that can shorten life expectancy. Some fixtures could last longer than others, so consider that when evaluating each part’s expected lifespan.


When the time comes to get your plumbing replaced, you can rely on City Plumbing to get the job done right, on time, and at a fair price. Give us a call at 432-366-2401 today and we’ll come running!

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