strange sounds from water heater keeping woman awake at night

Strange Sounds From My Water Heater

Ever worry about hearing a bump in the night? Sometimes those strange sounds that keep you up could be coming from your hot water heater. Compared with other appliances, your HWH is one of the busiest! It’s constantly working to make hot water available at the turn of a faucet. In most cases, you only notice it when something’s wrong.


This is a common culprit in West Texas. Mineral build-ups from hard water can cause the hot water heater to make popping, clanking, or cracking noises. The sediment can build up in your tank and really hurt its efficiency, costing you money! City Plumbing’s experts can do a routine clean of your HWH about once a year to prevent any problems.


Electric water heaters may be prone to a hissing sound. The culprit is the same – mineral build-up from hard water. The heating devices that warm up the water will hiss if covered with sediment.


If your hot water heater is making loud banging sounds, call City Plumbing immediately! This is likely a problem with the burner, and could mean a damaged gas valve. That’s a dangerous combination, and could result in an explosion if not handled right away. Another possible reason for a banging sound could be if your HWH expands due to a large volume of water. Calling a plumber is a good way to make sure and stay safe.


Screeching or whistling sounds should be easy to fix. It’s likely a loose water valve. You can check this yourself and adjust. Another possible culprit is the exhaust flue, which can also be adjusted. 


Ticking, clicking, and tapping sounds are generally considered normal. If they are loud or bothersome, have City Plumbing check the piping that goes to and from your HWH.


This is the sound of calling City Plumbing to schedule an appointment at 432-366-2401. You can also schedule an appointment online. We’ll take a look at your hot water heater, and make sure you stay safe, warm, and protected from strange sounds for years to come! Give us a call, and we’ll come running!

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