Ah, there’s nothing like a breath of fresh air. What do you picture when you imagine a refreshing breath of the outdoors? Maybe a babbling brook in a mountain stream? Certainly not a West Texas dust storm! Indoors or out, we all want the air we breathe to be as fresh and clean as possible. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of air purification systems, and how they can benefit your family.


Pollutants inside your home can be harmful to your health. Things like germs, viruses, smoke, dust, mold, and others can all take a toll. Air purification systems are a solution that goes beyond a traditional air filter.

Air purification systems are add-ons to your existing HVAC unit that add an additional step to the filtration process. This differs from stand-alone products that work separately from your HVAC system (ie. a humidifier or other product that operates in a room, as opposed to inside an air duct). This enables them to spread clean air throughout your entire home.


An air purification system not only distributes air throughout your entire home, but it’s also cleaner air than what is produced when using just a filter. While filters will catch larger particles like dirt, dust, and lint, purification systems will catch much smaller contaminants including pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and even smoke and other odors.


Purification systems are especially recommended for households with allergy or asthma sufferers, as they reduce the contaminants that trigger allergies. If you’ve experienced allergy-related headaches, stuffy nose, sneezing, or other symptoms, these can all be reduced through air purification.

A reduction in germs and viruses also means that airborne illnesses like colds, sore throats, the flu, and other illnesses (even COVID-19) are less likely to spread in your home. This is one reason air purification systems are standard in hospitals and other high-risk areas.


Less dust in your home is good for your breathing, but it also means less cleaning is required. If dust accumulates quickly in your home, that means there’s a lot running through your system. At the very least, you should change your filters, but a severe dust problem could mean an air purification system is right for you.


Have you ever walked into a house and immediately noticed a bad smell? There could be a variety of causes, but air purification systems can be a solution.


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