Air Ducts

Air Ducts

As the temperature continues to heat up, you’ll want to make sure your A/C is ready to cool you down. But have you ever noticed that some rooms always seem warmer (or cooler) than others? If so, you may have some problems with your ducts. Ducts are the air tubes or pipes that channel air from your central a/c unit (or furnace in the winter) throughout your home and deliver it to every room in your house. In this post, we’ll take a look at some common causes for ducts to lose efficiency.


Properly installed ductwork should last up to 25 years. While this may seem like a long time, it isn’t forever. If you have an older home, it’s possible that your ducts need replacement.


Common animals that may make a home in your attic, such as mice, squirrels, or even bats can cause damage to your ducts. Ants or other insects can cause problems too. If you know of or suspect any pests living in your attic rent-free, it’s a good idea to get the ductwork checked out.


If moisture from the air conditioning unit (or even a leaky roof) gets into the air ducts, this can spell major problems. The wetness will weaken the metal, which will eventually mean a hole in the duct. That means lost air and lost money!


Dirt, dust, and other particles can build up in the ductwork. This reduces airflow, which reduces air quality and means your unit has to work harder to keep you cool. It can also be a problem if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies.


Like anything plumbing or HVAC-related, the real secret to comfort and efficiency is practical routine maintenance. Ductwork should typically be checked out by a professional every three to five years. A Spring Clean and Check could be a great time to also have your ductwork inspected. Give City Plumbing a call today to make an appointment. You can reach us at 432-366-2401 or online at Give us a call, and we’ll come running!


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