Hard water is a common topic for West Texans. While the buildup of calcium and magnesium in your tap water may come with a bad taste or smell, and be hard on your fixtures and appliances – it isn’t necessarily dangerous. But it is definitely inconvenient. Constantly buying bottled water for drinking and cooking, as well as the premature breakdown of appliances, can be hard on your budget. In this post, we’ll discuss water softener solutions, and how they can be a good solution for improving water quality in your home.


Water softeners work slightly differently from reverse osmosis, or RO, systems. Simply put, RO systems act as filters by removing contaminants, while water softeners add ions to your water that neutralize the contaminants. These two products working together create the cleanest possible water.


Hard water can be hard on your laundry – so soft water does just the opposite. Not only does hard water fade colors, but it can also make your clothes and linens stiff and scratchy. Soft water will keep them soft and snuggly, and help those colors hold wash after wash! You should be able to tell the difference after just one wash!


Besides making clothes last longer, a water softener also saves you money because it makes the water so much easier on your appliances and faucets/fixtures. Dishwashers, washing machines, showerheads, sink faucets – all of these and more are negatively impacted by hard water. Even your water heater and refrigerator filter need more frequent replacements because of hard water.


Despite the taste, drinking hard water won’t hurt you – nor will bathing in it. However, it can make you uncomfortable. Hard water can remove the natural oils of your skin and leave it dry and flaky. This may lead to spending money on lotions to add that moisture back to your skin. Hard water can also dry out your scalp causing dandruff, and be hard on your hair itself. Again, these issues can be fixed – but at the cost of additional products.


Are you ready for the advantages that come from having a water softener? City Plumbing is proud to offer the WaterTech Reionator Pro Ultra Water Softener for all your water softening needs. Make an appointment online, or call us at 432-366-2401. Give us a call, and we’ll come running!