Tree Growth in the Spring Can Wreak Havoc on the Underground Plumbing

Is Your Growing Garden Hurting Your Underground Plumbing?

Signs of spring can be welcoming. The beautiful flowers add color to the yard, and the budding trees signal growth and a new season. But what makes a yard pretty can jeopardize the plumbing system. As trees grow, their roots can cause problems underground with the water and sewer lines. This blog will share why tree growth can cause plumbing issues, problems tree roots can cause, and solutions.

Intruding Tree Roots

intruding tree rootsSpring is a time for growth throughout the yard. But as trees grow, their roots extend farther and farther through the yard, including in places where people don’t want them, like the underground plumbing. When they reach the underground piping, many issues can occur.

To thrive, trees must find water and nutrients in the soil, wherever possible. Water and nutrients can be found in the underground pipes, meaning the tree roots might intrude on the plumbing to get the necessary elements to grow. That can cause issues for the water and sewer lines.

Problems From Intruding Tree Roots

problems from intruding rootsWhen tree roots invade the plumbing system, they can cause cracks and leaks in pipes by forcing their way inside and can form clogs when they grow inside the lines. When this occurs, homeowners might notice problems caused by leaks or clogs inside or outside their houses.

One of the first signs someone might notice is slow draining. If the water takes longer to drain from the sink or tub, it can indicate a clog from tree roots. Someone might also notice water pressure problems or signs of a leak. If the water pressure is weaker than usual, or if there are signs of water damage or puddles in the yard, it might indicate tree roots in underground piping.

Solutions to Tree Root Obstruction

If someone notices signs indicating tree root invasion, they should call a plumber immediately. Plumbers have the tools and experience to identify the presence of roots and repair the plumbing system. The first step a plumber will take is to assess the situation and determine if there is a tree root in the system. After their inspection and identifying the tree root’s location and the damage’s severity, the technician will work to remove the roots.

There are different methods they can use, but one of the most common is hydrojetting. This is frequently used because of its effectiveness. The heavy, powerful stream of water will break up and remove the roots and other residue or debris that can cause blockages. Once the root is removed, the plumber will focus on leak repairs.

Finally, the technician can explain how to prevent issues from tree roots invading the piping system again. One option is to install root barriers to keep roots out of water and sewer lines. Also, specific kinds of trees are more likely to damage underground plumbing, so those should not be planted near piping. Another option – which should be done even if root barriers are installed – is to schedule yearly inspections and cleanings of the lines. This will let plumbers identify signs of tree roots in the pipes and other issues early and let them make the repairs before the problems get too large.

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