leak repair

Get Leaks Out of the Way Quickly

Leaks in the home are a hidden danger. About 10% of homes in the United States have leaks that can waste 90 gallons a day—or more. The unfortunate truth is that wasting water is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in various parts of the world, not just the United States. But aside from the global implications, there are other reasons why it is wise to minimize water waste. Leaks themselves, regardless of how much water is wasted, can cause other problems that can threaten your home and family. It is always best to call someone for professional leak repair. Here are some reasons why.

Water Leads to Mold

There’s nothing mold loves more than moisture. It can be moisture from a direct source of water or that which is created in the atmosphere when more water is present. The resulting humidity is all a mold spore needs to start its own little colony. While mold is certainly unsightly, a homeowner needs to get leak repair because its effects are far more ugly than its looks. Not only are millions of people allergic to mold, others can suffer adverse health effects from what is much more than a smelly nuisance.

Leaks lead to mold because they increase the level of water saturation in both specific surfaces and the surrounding environment. This gives mold a nice place to make its home. The leak feeds water to an area such as drywall or plywood and after that has been saturated, the remaining water is able to evaporate into the air around the leak. Unless you get leak repair services soon, mold will be able to grow in both the wet area and on those touched by the surrounding air.

Leaks Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

Leaks can slowly cause affected elements of your home to deteriorate. Any organic material is subject to deterioration due to the fact that mold can eat away at it. The introduction of water from a leak can make for a perfect environment for hungry mold. In addition, water is a solvent, so when a portion of your home, however big or small, gets exposed to water for an extended period of time, the water can begin to slowly break it down. This results in weaker components of your home and possibly a dangerous situation. A home inspector will quickly pick up on these issues and chop down your home’s value. It’s better to seek quality leak repair before it’s too late. Plumbing services are a great asset as well because they can eliminate leaks.

Checking Leaks Can Reveal Other Issues

The leaks in your home, once investigated, may lead you to other significant problems that would have gone unnoticed had the leak not been checked out. For instance, water leak repair can lead you to water heater repair. If there is a leak in the basement, the first idea may be that its source is outside the home, or perhaps it is due to a compromised wall or foundation. However, often, a water heater that is on its way out is to blame. Catching the leak can lead to catching the water heater problem as well. You may also realize you need to have a drain cleaned while investigating a leak. A clogged drain can cause water to pool up and compromise the caulking that keeps drains leak-free. Once you check out the source of the leak and get leak repair, you may discover some vital drain issues as well. Affordable plumbing services are a great resource for fixing any of your leak-related problems. Getting the right professional on the job can help you catch several problems before they get out of control.

Leaks can do significant damage if the proper leak repair isn’t put in place right away. Even though water is a beloved resource, it can be an enemy in the home. The mold it creates as well as what the mold can do to the structure of your home can be more than just an irritation; it can damage the structure of your home. To you’re your home, and its value, it’s best to get any leaks taken care of right away. You will want to place a quick phone call for the right plumbing pros to handle the job.

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