Plumbing is one of, if not the most important part of making your home livable. That includes pipes, drains, and fixtures, all of which need to be properly maintained. Even with good maintenance, problems can still happen as your plumbing infrastructure ages. Damage to pipes can not only be expensive but tricky because it can be tough to tell when there’s damage. In this post, we’ll take a look at ways you can spot damaged pipes early to prevent them from getting any worse.


Water damage from a busted pipe can often lead to staining on your walls or ceiling. Sometimes dark spots will start to form well before the stain becomes obvious. If you notice these, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your pipes to see if repairs are necessary.


Leaks can show themselves in a variety of ways. Water collecting in places it shouldn’t is the most obvious sign. Others can include warping drywall and flaking paint. Just one small leak from a damaged pipe can be an indicator of other, larger issues with your plumbing, roof, or insulation. Leaks can get out of hand quickly if the water is allowed to spread, so they should be checked promptly.


As your pipes age, corrosion can cause them to visibly flake or dimple. This happens when the water flowing through them is acidic and eats away at the pipes tubing. If you notice anything odd, get it checked out by a licensed plumber. It can go a long way in saving the health of your entire plumbing system.


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