Showers and tub combos can be tough to keep clean – and even more so if you have a separate shower and bathtub in your bathroom. And while goodies like jetted tubs are relaxing, they can be a chore to repair when the time comes. In this post, we’ll look at diagnosing problems in the bathroom and how to fix them!


If your bathtub or shower won’t drain or drains super slowly, that’s a problem. It’s a good idea to clean the drain area regularly, especially if you have a shower/tub combo. Not only will it look a lot nicer, but it will also prevent dirt and other debris from going down the drain. If you’re able to clean out dirt and soap scum before it collects your drain, you’re saving yourself money in the long run!


Pull out and check the stopper near the top of the drain. This may require you to unscrew the cover. If it’s been awhile, there’s a chance that a lot of gunk has built up on it. Dirt, soap scum, hair, and other debris can build up over time. The stopper should be cleaned regularly – about once a week or so. Too much build-up will prevent it from doing its job, and your bathtub won’t hold water when you want it to.


If the drain is clogged and it just won’t budge, there are a few things you can try. Drain snakes are relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to use. The hook on the end will (hopefully) either break up the clog, push it through the pipe, or grab onto the clog so you can pull it out. You can remove the drain cover and see if there’s anything big at the top and just pull it out. Something may have fallen down there that you may not have realized. You don’t know until you look!


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