noise from a/c vents is keeping this homeowner awake at night

3 Reasons Your A/C Vents Are Making Noise

Your HVAC unit is going to make some noise when it’s running. We’ve covered that in other posts, and the noises are usually caused by the HVAC unit itself. In this post, we’re going to talk about noises you hear when the air is running through your vents. For example, when flipping from A/C to your heater, the ductwork will expand and contract causing popping noises. This is normal during the transition to cooler weather. However, other things like loud or ongoing popping and miscellaneous sounds coming from your air ducts can be a problem.


  • Shape: Ducts can be round, square, or rectangular. Round ducts are usually the quietest, while rectangular ducts can be the loudest. Depending on your preferences for silence, this can potentially be a big difference in the noise level around the house! A couple of easy options to help keep it quieter include wrapping the ducts with insulation or using duct liners.
  • Gauge Rating: If you have metal ducts, a lower gauge rating means the metal is thicker and stronger. This makes them less likely to pop for the reasons mentioned above. More popping means you probably have a higher gauge rating.
  • Size: The power of your HVAC unit, as well as your ducts, should match the needs and size of your home. Larger ducts are needed to heat and cool a larger space, and vice versa. The wrong size can lead to more frequent expanding and contracting of the ducts, and thus louder and more prolonged popping.


  • If you are hearing strange noises that aren’t similar to the popping described above, it’s likely a good idea to have your system checked out by a professional. 
  • Remember that closing vents around the house can create more stress on your unit, making it work harder to compete with air that’s not getting through the system like it’s designed.
  • If ducts are bent or sagging, this could impact the airflow and cause unnecessary noise.
  • When all else fails, always check the air filters! They should be replaced regularly.


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